How do I get in touch with Mo DSS?

Call 877-770-8055 to report a concern. 877-860-3052 (Eastern). 877-603-4323 for the Southeast. 877-698-0760 for Western. 877-839-4316 for Southwest.

How do I get in touch with SC EBT?

Box 1520, Columbia, SC 29202-1520, or by contacting 1-800-311-7220, or (803) 898-8080, or TTY: (800) 311-7219.

How can I contact someone at DSS CT?

1-855-626-6632 is the Client Information Line. Access your account from any device with MyDSS, our mobile-friendly app (

In social work, what does DSS stand for?

The acronym DSS stands for “Department of Social Services.”

In Missouri, how much food stamps will I receive?

Missouri Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Household Number of Persons Limit in January 2021 Monthly Limit Maximum Gross CE Eligible 1 * 1396 2 * 1888 3 2190 2379 4 2780 2871 17 more rows

In Missouri, what number should I dial to schedule a food stamp interview?

On July 1, FSD will establish a new 1-855-823-4908 Food Stamp interview phone number dedicated solely to consumers who missed the FSD call or who need to call FSD for their Food Stamp interview. Jun 26, 2020

Will South Carolina receive additional food stamps in 2022?

Extra Food Stamp Benefits in South Carolina South Carolina has also authorized the emergency allocation for July 2022. The EBT deposit schedule for increased SNAP benefits will be the same as the usual food stamp deposit schedule, which runs from July 1st through July 19th. Jul 14, 202

Will South Carolina receive an EBT in 2022?

Overview. Pandemic EBT (P-EBT) was a brand-new program launched in 2020 to address school closures due by the COVID-19 pandemic. P-EBT has been extended until the 2021-2022 school year, the summer of 2022, and for the duration of the current public health emergency.

What is the maximum SNAP benefit in South Carolina?

Prior to August 1, 2021, the household was eligible for an additional $552 in emergency allotment, bringing their total allotment for a four-person household to $782. This SNAP household will earn $230 per month beginning August 1st. Aug 1, 2021

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