Uncover the Magic: Your Ultimate Guide to Funko HQ Hours of Operation

Welcome, Pop! Enthusiasts

Ever wondered when you can unleash your inner fandom and dive into the world of Funko? Well, you’re in luck! This article’s got the insider scoop on Funko HQ hours of operation. So buckle up, and let’s embark on this whimsical adventure!

Funko HQ: A Treasure Trove of Pop! Goodness

For those living under a rock, Funko HQ is the Mecca for pop culture fanatics. Nestled in the heart of Everett, Washington, this four-story haven is chock-full of collectibles from movies, TV shows, video games, and more!

First Things First: When Can You Visit Funko HQ?

Let’s cut to the chase: Funko HQ operates Monday through Sunday, 11 AM to 7 PM. But wait, there’s more! These hours are subject to change, so always double-check their website or give ’em a call before planning your trip.

Pro-Tip: Timing Is Everything

Want to avoid the crowds? Aim for a weekday visit. Weekends tend to be busier, making it a bit challenging to soak in all the Funko goodness.

Funko HQ: More Than Just a Store

Besides the retail store, Funko HQ boasts a mind-blowing museum, interactive experiences, and a creative workspace. You’ll need ample time to explore everything!

Speaking of Time…

Plan to spend at least 2-3 hours at Funko HQ. Trust us; you’ll want to savor every moment of this pop culture paradise!

Now, About Those Hours…

Just a friendly reminder: Funko HQ’s holiday hours may vary. So, if you’re planning a visit during a major holiday, check their website for the most up-to-date information.

The Ultimate Funko HQ Experience

Want to make the most of your visit? Join a guided tour! You’ll learn fascinating tidbits about Funko’s history and get an exclusive sneak peek at upcoming releases.

A Word to the Wise

Tours fill up quickly, so book in advance to secure your spot! You won’t regret it.

Breaking Down the Funko HQ Layout

Each floor of Funko HQ is a magical wonderland, bursting with unique displays and merchandise. From the vintage vibes of the first floor to the POP!-tastic fourth floor, there’s something for everyone.

Did Someone Say “Exclusive Merchandise”?!

Funko HQ offers exclusive collectibles you can’t find anywhere else. Limited edition items are often released on weekends, so plan accordingly!

The Perfect Time to Visit Funko HQ

Can’t decide when to visit? Consider attending one of Funko HQ’s epic events! From themed nights to release parties, these shindigs are not to be missed.

Bringing the Whole Fan-Fam Along?

Great news: Funko HQ is wheelchair accessible and stroller-friendly. Every fandom member, big or small, is welcome!

To Recap:

Funko HQ is open Monday through Sunday, 11 AM to 7 PM. Remember to check their website for any changes and consider visiting during off-peak hours for a more relaxed experience.

And Before You Go…

If you still have questions about Funko HQ hours of operation, we’ve got you covered with the following FAQs!


1. What are Funko HQ’s hours of operation?

Funko HQ is open Monday through Sunday, 11 AM to 7 PM.

2. Can I tour Funko HQ?

Yes! Guided tours are available, but they fill up quickly, so book in advance.

3. Are there exclusive collectibles at Funko HQ?

Absolutely! Funko HQ offers exclusive merchandise you can’t find anywhere else.

4. Is Funko HQ wheelchair accessible?

Yes, Funko HQ is wheelchair accessible and stroller-friendly.

5. Do Funko HQ’s holiday hours vary?

Yes, Funko HQ’s holiday hours may differ from their regular schedule. Check their website for updates.

6. How long should I plan to spend at Funko HQ?

Plan to spend at least 2-3 hours at Funko HQ to fully experience everything it has to offer.

7. Is it better to visit Funko HQ during the week or on weekends?

Weekdays are generally less crowded than weekends, making for a more relaxed visit.

8. Are there interactive experiences at Funko HQ?

Yes, Funko HQ offers interactive experiences throughout the building.

9. Can I take photos at Funko HQ?

Absolutely! Feel free to capture your Funko HQ adventure with plenty of photos.

10. How do I get to Funko HQ?

Funko HQ is located in Everett, Washington, just a short drive north of Seattle. Check their website for detailed directions.

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